Ways To Increase EV Battery Life

Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range

We are making a transition from old to new, in the same way we moved from horse-driven carriages to motor vehicles run by dino-fuel. The transition happened in just a span of 10-12 years. We could very well be at the cusp of a new transportation revolution. As a matter of fact, the revolution has already begun!

Affordable electric cars have started to occupy space on the asphalt, and entries from players such as Tesla, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW and many others are being heard about in every other auto expo. Like everything electric- Be it even your electric toothbrush- there is a battery unit that houses the electric charge. The electric car is no different. And, batteries degrade over time.

For an electric car, it can mean the loss being expensive! The electric car range can drop severely and you find yourself recharging more often, or not at all!

What must you do so as to extend the battery life of your electric car? We shall find that out!

Ways To Boost Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

Here are some ways to enhance the life of battery life in electric vehicles:

  • Lower The Exposure To High Temperatures

High temperature is the kryptonite of most batteries. Keep the battery and the electric car away from situations and locations where there is a likelihood for temperatures to rise. Park your electric car in the shade or any cool spot.

  • Lower The Exposure To Low Temperatures

The opposite end of the temperature spectrum applies as well. This is for those who are in places with 6 ft deep snows and tundra climates. Batteries hate low and frigid temperatures. Keep the car plugged into a thermal management system that will keep it at optimum.

  • Avoid Sudden Discharge When Possible

Electric cars such as that of Tesla’s are known for their ridiculous launches and accelerations. This may seem relatively harmless but in the perspective of your car, it can have quite an impact. Each such ‘sudden acceleration’ would only bring the car’s battery to its demise quicker than needed.

  • Don’t Let The Battery Hit 0%

Good management systems shut off the electric car well before the battery reaches the critical 0%. Don’t leave your car charge-less for long, as that can spell danger for the battery. The same applies for keeping the car in the 100% charge state for too long- overcharging the battery can lower its life significantly.

Keep these in mind, and you will be able to ride a couple more 1000 miles than you could before!

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