Common Maintenance Costs On An Electric Car

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Best Used Electric Cars
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Affordable Electric Cars

Electric cars are now becoming more popular among people. Due to the increase in the price of traditional fuels, many people are now switching to electric vehicles. Since there is an increase in demand, many new electric vehicles are also emerging in the market. It is true that the running cost of electric vehicles is very low compared to other vehicles. However, every people who are planning to buy a new electric car must be aware of its maintenance costs. The following are some of the common maintenance issues found in both premium and affordable electric cars.

Brake Fluid 

Most of the electric cars are using a regenerative braking system. Even if it is not using any mechanical brakes it is having discs and pads to arrest the movement of the vehicle. When a person applies the brake, a hydraulic fluid chamber will function to stop the car. This is an efficient braking system but it has one disadvantage. Over time, the brake fluid will get depleted and it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. To stop this from happening, the owner will have to refill the brake fluid at regular intervals.

Coolant Change

As we all know, electric cars do not have any engine like normal cars and they run on batteries and motors. To make the motor function more smoothly and also to restrict the batteries from overheating, most of the electric cars use a liquid cooling system. If you are planning to purchase an electric car, you must understand that the liquid cooling system in electric vehicles does not use normal water. Therefore, the owner of an electric vehicle must spend some money to change the coolants at regular intervals.

Battery Change

The electric cars run by utilizing the power stored in its batteries. To store more power at less space, most of the electric cars use high capacity lithium batteries. Even if these batteries are efficient, the owner will have to give maximum care to them. This is because the lithium batteries may lose its storage capacity over time if it is not maintained properly. It is also necessary to understand that the batteries in an electric car are one of its most expensive components and changing it may cost you almost one-third of the total price of a new electric car.

The above mentioned are some of the maintenance expenses in an electric car. In addition to that, the owner will also have to spend for the cost of changing tires, brake pads, etc.

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