Latest Trends In SEO

The competition in online business seems to be ever increasing, and it is already time to rethink your marketing strategy by investing in SEO. You have to keep your website updated according to the changing trends in the SEO strategies, and assists you in the process.

Here is a list of the top SEO trends.


In an attempt to deliver better search experience to the users, Google has started making use of featured snippets that usually occur above the first organic result. The position where the snippet appears is referred to as ‘position 0’,and making use of featured snippets, you can drive more clicks to your website by clearly giving the answers to commonly asked questions on your website.

Estimates suggest that about 54% of the clicks from Google are sourced in featured snippets that offer a way to the websites to earn better traffic even if they cannot reach the top ranks in searches.

Security Of Websites

User safety is an important factor that seems to be very important to the users, although it doesn’t have much to do with SEO. Unless a user feels safe while using a website they may leave the website quickly and very few users proceed to a website even after a warning sign is displayed.

Lack of security could lead to higher bounce rates that will have a direct impact on the ranking of the website. It is quintessential to enable HTTPS security to the website, as it offers a secure encrypted connection to the users.

Voice Search

Growing use of mobile devices has popularized voice search that can be done in a number of devices like home voice assistants and smart phones. Implementing the best ways to optimize your website for voice search will increase the site traffic and boost online sales.

With the growing influence of voice search, the popularity of short choppy keywords has reduced, and it involves a lot of work in providing the relevant information to the user who uses a voice search approach.


Just as voice search is gaining importance, internet videos are gaining popularity as the young generation that includes millennials prefers information from online videos more. To ensure better site traffic, you have to use appropriate keywords in the headline and description of your video to ensure that it reaches a bigger audience.

Technology and marketing trends keep on changing with the changing demands of the users requiring every e-commerce platform to prepare themselves so as to adapt to the continuous changes in the digital marketing world.

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