Can You Smoke CBD Legally In Your Car?

Cannabis laws are never universal in nature. The legal status of cannabis in different parts of the world depends on how cultures see it, and how deep rooted is the stigma about cannabis. The intoxicating nature of cannabis is the primary explanation to why it remains a taboo in various cultures.

 Being a cannabis derived compound, people were initially skeptical about CBD and they doubted whether it would cause euphoria similar to what marijuana gives. However CBD is not marijuana.  Although the compound cannabidiol can be obtained from marijuana, US law has legalized CBD derived from hemp plant alone.  

Hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants but differ greatly in terms of the concentration of phytochemicals. Hemp is known for higher CBD content whereas marijuana is known for higher concentration of THC, an intoxicating compound. The overall nature and legal status of a cannabis product is determined by its THC content.

Before 2018, all cannabis products including hemp derived cannabidiol were regarded illegal in the US. It was after the US Farm Bill (2018) was passed that hemp derived CBD that contained not more than 0.3% was declared legal. Hemp and its derivatives are considered as agricultural products as per the Bill.

Even though the bill and its regulations generally apply to all states in the country, there are some differences in the way individual states deal with CBD, its production, sale and transport.

Can You Smoke CBD Legally Inside Your Car?

The worry that CBD intake will impair your judging while driving is the major reason why so many questions arise about driving on CBD. As the law has made it 100% legal to use CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC, you are free to drive after taking CBD through any intake method of your choice. You can legally smoke CBD in your car.

Low THC level in hemp CBD products ensure that you do not get intoxicated. Instead you feel more relaxed and calm that will help you drive more carefully without being bothered by the heavy traffic and blaring horns. However, do not forget to check the CBD regulation of the state you are driving in, because some states do not tolerate even minute amounts of THC found in your body while driving.

If you are trying a CBD product for the first time, it is better that you try it in a safe space first to monitor its effects instead of trying it in the middle of a drive.

Will You Get A DUI For Driving After Smoking CBD?

DUI is the abbreviation for driving under influence. It generally refers to drunken driving but also deals with driving under the influence of abusive substances. Because the CBD that you smoke contains THC, even if in minimal amounts, traffic rules in some states might charge you for DUI on finding that you were driving after using CBD.

The reason for this confusion is that the DUI laws were written at a time when no cannabis products were legal in the US. Hence it is important that you research the CBD laws of a state when you get a DUI for CBD.

The chances for getting a DUI depend on how you drive too. If you were driving in a reckless manner and the police find that you were driving after taking CBD, you might get a DUI. The police analyze your driving ability by the way you interact with them while being interrogated. If your behavior shows that you are intoxicated, you may be charged for DUI.

The next procedure after the initial interrogation is blood test done to determine the level of THC in your blood. If the results indicate that the THC level was greater than the legally permitted level in that state, you will be convicted. To avoid such incidents, make sure you buy CBD from trusted dealers, which ensure that THC levels are strictly maintained below the legally set limit.

 Tips For Driving With CBD

Although there is no denying that driving after smoking CBD is absolutely safe because it hardly impairs your concentration and focus, it would be better if you follow the below given tips while driving after smoking CBD.

  • Analyze how your body reacts to the CBD intake while driving. If you feel lightheaded at any point while driving, you should never hesitate to stop the car and park it to a side. To avoid any possibility of accidents due to faulty driving, it is important that you look out for side effects if any.
  • Take CBD with you if traffic bothers you a lot. A lot of people get stressed out as they wait in traffic and the stress can affect the quality of their driving.  So it would be good to take CBD with you if you are heading off for a journey where you can expect heavy traffic.
  • Know what dosage is ideal for you: Just because you see one person taking heavy dose of CBD does not mean that you would need a high dosage as well. The ideal dosage of CBD depends on the person’s body weight, metabolism, strength of the CBD product etc. From trustworthy CBD reviews, you can get a clear idea about the strength by checking up the percentage of various cannabinoids in your smokable CBD.

How To Smoke CBD?

Even people who are used to smoking for long years might not have a clear idea about smoking CBD. It can take different forms from which the smokers can choose. Here are some of the equipments used for smoking CBD:

  • A glass or metal pipe
  • A bat hitter
  • A water pipe
  • Rolling papers
  • Vape pen: Vaping can also be included in category of smoking, with the only difference that you are inhaling the vapors of a product through equipment like vape pens.

People who smoke CBD extract mostly prefer vaping or using water pipe. The starting step in vaping is purchasing a high quality vape kit and CBD vape oil.

The right way to smoke CBD buds may not be the same way as you expect it to be. It is a common belief that holding the smoke for longer time will aid the penetration of more CBD into the bloodstream and maximize its benefits. But in real, holding the smoke longer than necessary is not doing any good. It is best to inhale the right amount of smoke deeply and exhale it before your lungs feel strain.

CBD Cigarette

CBD cigarette is made purely of hemp extract containing high amount of CBD. Even though it contains THC, the level is minimal, and has to be kept strictly below 0.3% as per the guidelines of the US law. Nicotine cigarettes contain the addictive compound nicotine that causes various side effects like lung damage, emphysema, respiratory troubles etc.

CBD cigarettes contain CBD flowers that can be consumed in any of the three methods, smoking, vaping or cooking. Male hemp flowers are fig shaped and have a yellow green tone, while female flowers are greenish-white in color.  Smokable CBD products are known for the fast effects they give, as CBD is introduced into the user’s bloodstream through the membranes of the lungs.

It is generally recommended that people who are new to CBD flower start with low doses, analyze the effects and increase the dosage only if needed. There is no base in the belief that higher doses mean better benefits. It is advisable that you take 0.1 grams of CBD flower, start with one or two hits and then pause for a few minutes. If needed, you may take more hits.

Benefits Of Smoking CBD

One of the highlights of smoking CBD is the quick effects you can experience. You don’t have to wait for hours to know the results of your CBD intake. Here we list some of the benefits of smoking CBD.

It Offers A Relaxing Sensation

The soothing and calming effect that CBD has is one of the main reasons behind the buzz around it. If you are stressed out by a tiring day at work, taking one or two hits of CBD cigarette or any kind of smokable CBD helps you a lot.

It Helps With Anxiety And Depression

Smoking CBD helps handle psychological disorders like anxiety and depression. Although there is no denying that the effects aren’t the same in all users, many users have reported that CBD improved the depression and anxiety symptoms that bothered them.

Most of the anti-depressant and anxiolytic medicines have several associated side effects, with some even proving to be addictive. Research has suggested that CBD may be potential substitute to the common medications used to treat anxiety disorder and depression.

It Helps With Addiction Disorder

CBD smoking has been reported effective especially in mitigating nicotine addiction. On starting to smoke CBD, the craving for nicotine reduces making it easy for users to quit nicotine smoking. Hemp rolls are healthier substitutes to nicotine cigarettes.

Pain Relief

The analgesic property of CBD is quite famous, which explains why it is being suggested as substitute to common pain killer medicines. As CBD interacts with the receptors of the endocananbinoid system that regulates the pain sensation in body, it offers the pain relief that you expect.

When CBD influences the pattern of pain perception, the pain you experience would be less severe than the actual pain. While CBD cannot block the transmission of pain signals from the source, it can influence the way the central nervous system perceives the pain signals.

To avoid facing the charges smoking CBD with higher THC level than permitted, it is important that you get the highest quality CBD that strictly maintains the THC level below the specified limit. Also know what the right way of smoking hemp CBD is, so that you do not end up straining your lungs.

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