Why EV Is A Better Choice

Best Used Electric Cars
Best Used Electric Cars
Electric Car Range
Electric Car Range

Are you thinking about going electric for an energy-efficient future? Be the proud owner of an electric vehicle. An EV is an emerging trend in the present generation. Read on, to gather relevant information and thereby better understanding about an EV before purchasing. 

Types Of EV

Based on the degree of electricity used for powering the electric vehicle, the best electric cars are classified into three and these are:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

These are abbreviated to HEV, these are powered by both electricity and petrol. The requisite electric energy is obtained by the car’s braking system through a process called regenerative braking. An HEV uses electricity to start and when the speed rises, it switches to using the petrol engine. 

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

These are popularly known as Extended-Range Electric Vehicles or EREV in short. Similar to an HEV, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are also powered by electricity and petrol. The difference lies in an additional feature of a charging unit which is missing in the case of HEV. 

Battery Electric Vehicles

Abbreviated to BEV, battery electric vehicles are vehicles that only use electricity as its power source. They miss features like fuel tanks, petrol engines and even exhaust pipes. Instead of these missing features, they are attached to an external charging outlet that enables the charging of these vehicles. 

It might be interesting to know that these vehicles are priced based on their range. Let us understand the concept of range.


An electric car range means the distance the car can travel before the battery of the car needs charging. In the case of BEV, the range is from 100-150 km. For PHEV, the range is from 50 to 100 km.

The range gets negatively impacted because of the following reasons. 

  1. Aggressive driving
  2. Non-stop high-speed driving
  3. Extra weight
  4. Maximized use of air conditioning
  5. Long and frequent mountain climbing 
  6. Strong headwinds
  7. Reduction in the battery capacity

Here is a list of things that needs to be done to extend the range of your electric vehicle.

  1. Limit your aggressive driving
  2. Cut-down on the use of the air conditioning while travelling
  3. Tailwinds
  4. Focus on long downhill descents
  5. Try braking more often

If you feel you can alter your driving habits for the benefit of the environment and also for your good health, it is best to opt for an EV.

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