The Impact Of Winter On Electric Cars

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Extremely cold climates can be quite a challenge for electric car owners due to various reasons. The roads will no longer be easy to drive as they were before the winter and the performance of the electric car may also be affected adversely due to the elements characteristic of the extreme cold climate.

Below shared are some of the important things you should do during the winter if you own an electric car.

Check The Tires

While checking the air pressure in the vehicle tires is important regardless of the season, it is especially important in the winter.  With every 10 drop in the ambient temperature, the tires lose 2 percent of their air pressure.

If you find that the pressure in one or more tires of your vehilce is low, inflate them to the PSI (pounds per square inch) that is recommended by the manufacturer. You can find this in the owner’s manual. If there is extreme snowfall at your place, you might have to consider installing grippy snow tires for the season.

Realize That The Mileage Is Going To Reduce

Regardless of whether they run on electricity or gasoline, all vehicles become less energy-efficient during the winter. In case of a typical internal combustion engine, the gas mileage drop by 20 percent during the winter and the effect is more evident when it comes to electric cars.

It is found from various studies that the cold temperatures affect the battery performance and its ability to accept charge. In addition to that, using the heater will drain the electric vehicle’s battery at a faster pace.

Take Some Extra Steps To Ensure The Performance Of The Electric Vehicle

Achieving maximum miles on a single charge is especially important during the winter and proper planning is the key to achieving it.

Keep your electric vehicles in garage while it is not in use to protect it from the elements. It is best to keep your garage or parking space heated. To ensure that the battery remains fully charged, keep the vehicle plugged in whenever possible.

It is also important to limit the use of heater while driving. Set the temperature to a level that you can bear and wear warm clothes to stay away from the cold without having to use the heater all the time while driving.

Cold weathers require the drivers of electric vehicles to limit the driving speeds because the vehicle will require more energy at greater velocities. The rule applies to drivers of all vehicles at times of heavy snowfall that increases the chances of accidents.

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