Automation In Best Electric Cars Of The Present And Future

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The rise in popularity and adaptation of electric cars has also created an environment for the further development of autonomous vehicles. Almost all the best electric cars have a certain degree of embedded autonomous features in them, and this makes EV’s more user friendly than traditional gasoline engine vehicles. Also, the computer systems and hardware used for this is becoming cheaper and more powerful. Apart from this, EV’s require less maintenance and are giving longer ranges than traditional cars. Read on to know how EV’s are driving the growth and development of autonomous vehicles.

The primary reasons EV’s are driving the development and growth of autonomous vehicles are listed below.

  • The implementation of autonomous features is much easier in EV’s because of very minimal mechanical parts.
  • The use of autonomous features can improve the range of EV’s by default and this is true in the case of some of the best electric vehicles.
  • Many of the EV consumers, as well as early adopters are demanding for more autonomous features in their vehicles as it improves the safety and driving experience.
  • It is easier to implement wireless charging and such inductive charging technologies in autonomous EV’s.

The Current Level Of Automation In EV’s

As of now, the degree of automation in EV’s is at level two according to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) i.e. partial automation. Besides, currently some of the key players in electric vehicles are offering autopilot features that can operate with driver’s assistance. But this is going to change soon with the rapid advancement in computer vision technologies, edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Also, some of the best electric vehicles can be easily upgraded to full automation when the technologies are in place.

Advantages Of Automated EV’s

Currently, the biggest advantage of automated EV is they are easier to drive than traditional gasoline powered vehicles. Also, they have fewer mechanical parts, so easier to maintain and thereby lower maintenance or servicing cost. Most of the best electric cars use drive by wire technology similar to the one used in aircraft replacing traditional mechanical control systems. Besides, with the current technologies, making an EV completely automated will add an extra 200 to 300 pounds. However, by the next decade many of the limitations faced by the current generation of automated EV’s will be solved and they will become very common.

The current limitations of complete automation of EV’s is the high cost of the sensors and the depending technologies. Some of the critically important ones are used for military purposes and will have to trickle down to the consumer market. Having said that, the future of automated EV’s is bright and in many scenarios they will eliminate the concept of owning cars.

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