The Key Components of an Electric Car

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Best Electric Cars
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One of the main issues vehicle owners are facing these days is related to fuel efficiency and this is increasing with every passing day. To tackle this, people are relying on electric-powered vehicles. In fact, a study reports that around 250, 000 electric hybrid cars are sold every year since 2007. As a result, you can find an electric charging unit at almost every nook and cranny of the United States.

Without any doubt, electric automobiles are one of the best choices if you are looking for a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle. However, have you ever wondered about the major components of these automobiles? Usually, electric cars will be a bit expensive and these parts play a major role in this case. Below is a list of the key components present in an electric car.

Primary Components

When it comes to primary components of an electric vehicle, the electric engine, battery, and motor controller are the three options.

Electric Engine

The electric engine features only a single moving part, unlike a combustion gasoline engine, which features multiple moving parts. Undoubtedly, this makes the former one of the most consistent sources of motive power. When you choose an electric engine for your vehicle, you must consider the system voltage of your car since it can be designed to complement either DC or AC. Note that the latter is cheaper and lightweight when compared to the former. Plus, they are relatively more common and hardly suffer from issues of mechanical wear and tear. However, this type of technology requires a sophisticated or refined motor controller.

Motor Controller

As the name indicates, a motor controller tends to control or administer the complete operation of an electric car as well as its power distribution. In simple words, a motor controller acts as a lock between batteries and motor. It helps to analyze and regulate almost every significant performance indications including the vehicle’s battery, motor, operator, and accelerator pedal. Plus, the motor controller consists of a microprocessor that can redirect or limit current to enhance the mechanical performance of the car or to complement the driving style of the operator.


This is the major component of an electric automobile. You can easily charge your car’s battery at any specialized power stations using ordinary grid electricity. The conventional option that you can consider in this case is the lithium-ion battery technologies. Other advanced options that you can consider for your electric car batteries include nickel-metal hydride batteries and lead-acid batteries.

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