The Importance Of Aerodynamics On EV Range

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Electric Car Range
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Best Range Electric Cars

One of the most important factors when designing electric cars is their aerodynamics as it has immense impact on its range. When you take some of the best range electric cars, they have very minimal drag coefficient through excellent aerodynamic design elements. This is not only true for EV’s, but valid for IC engine vehicles too and is observed in high end sports cars. For example, when you look at the brochures of electric vehicles they make special mention about the aerodynamics, drag coefficient and efficiency. The purpose of this primer is to shed more light on this topic, read on to know more.

What Is The Importance Of Aerodynamics On Electric Car Range?

As mentioned in the introduction, aerodynamics plays a crucial role in the range of electric cars. In an electric car, the loss in energy due to braking and acceleration can be recuperated by regenerative braking. So, the weight of the EV is not that important compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle, hence EV’s are relatively heavier due to their battery pack. Next, losses due to rolling friction from wheels and air resistance cannot be recovered, hence it is compensated by better aerodynamic design. So, EV’s have better operating range than internal combustion engine cars.

At higher speed the EV’s are less efficient compared to IC engine vehicles. This is because, the energy density of the battery pack is less than that of conventional fuel. So, travelling at high speed reduces the range of electric cars despite the energy recovery and because of this better aerodynamics improves the efficiency of electric cars.

How Air Resistance Affects Efficiency?

The air resistance or pressure is equal to the square of velocity and this is the reason all EV’s have an optimal speed that gives maximum range. This is similar to the optimal gear ratio in internal combustion engine vehicles that gives the maximum fuel mileage.

What Is The Importance Of Weight On Aerodynamics And Range?

The best way to increase the range of an EV is to use a bigger battery pack and this result in increased weight. So, you have to use a broader chassis with larger and wider tyres to support the weight, but this can increase the drag coefficient and reduce efficiency. It is counteracted by aerodynamic wheel and body design. This ensures better airflow and manufacturers use 3D printed structures that are unibody design having minimum drag coefficient.

These are the reasons for excellent aerodynamic design of your electric car.

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