Cost Comparison: Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars

Electric Cars
Electric Cars
Electric Hybrid Cars

The development of electrical engines for cars was a step towards environmental sustainability. It not only enables the user to reduce environmental pollution but also enabled them to reduce the budget for the cost of fuel to run the car. Later, the car manufacturing industry introduced electric hybrid cars that incorporated both electricity and liquid fuel the engines. These cars are also eco-friendly since, these will emit only fewer pollutants to the environment than a normal car.

The major concern that comes in the mind of people looking forward to buying one of these would be not only about the price of the car, but also about the cost of running and maintenance. Many of them would be keen to know which among those are the most cost-effective mode of transport.

Cost of Fuel

Both the electric engine and a hybrid engine do have a battery to store energy for the running of the car. So the cost of fuel, in this case, depends on which source these batteries are recharged. If the user uses renewable sources to charge the car, the cost will be much lower. But if the source is nonrenewable or more expensive, the cost of fuel will also increase proportionately. In the case of a hybrid car, they will the cost can be managed by using liquid fuel, i.e. if the cost of electricity is higher than gasoline, then the user can switch the car entirely to gasoline to reduce the cost incurred for the fuel.

Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance cost cannot be excluded from any car, because, cost incurring for tire changes, insurance and other cost incurred to repair any structural damage is an inevitable part of owning a car. When it comes to both electrical and hybrid cars, the cost to change the battery can be a major concern. When the time lapse, the life of the battery will get reduced, so to increase the fuel capacity, changing the battery during a regular interval is necessary. The cost of maintenance of running a hybrid car would be a bit higher than many affordable electric cars, since it requires not some additional expenses such as the expense to change the engine oil, coolant, etc.

In a rational sense, both the cars may incur almost equal expense on the user because, even though the electricity cost is lower than the gasoline, the maximum distance that can be covered with a fully charged electric car will be much lower than a hybrid car, it leads the user to charge the battery more frequently which leads to increase the cost. Therefore, choosing the best electric vehicle or the best hybrid vehicle depends purely on the consumer’s preference.

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