Brief Analysis On the Reliability Of Electric Cars

Electric Cars
Electric Cars
Electric Cars
Electric Cars

The introduction of modern-day electric cars has now changed the automobile market. Since electric cars are having low fuel costs and low maintenance costs, many people are looking forward to buying these electric cars rather than other conventional automobiles. This increase in demand has forced many existing manufacturers to develop new models for this segment. Since electric vehicles are eco friendly, many government agencies are also promoting their research and development. In this article, we will analyze whether an electric car is reliable. We will check whether they are good enough to replace conventional vehicles which we have been using up until today.

Purchase Price

The electric vehicles are highly expensive when compared to normal vehicles. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, the components of electric cars are very expensive and the manufacturers cannot cut costs on them because it will affect their overall quality. Secondly, the number of electric cars manufactured are very low compared to the actual capacity of manufacturing plants. This is because electric cars are on the introductory stage and the number of customers opting to buy electric cars is subsequently low. The problem with the high purchase price is expected to be solved shortly as the number of customers is increasing.

Repair Cost

Conventional car engines have a lot of moving parts like pistons and belt. Therefore, these engines are expected to be worn off faster than electric car motors. Hence the frequency of repairing will be very high for normal cars. However, the cost of repairing electric vehicles is comparatively higher because of the lack of availability of spare parts. The high cost of electric car batteries is also adding to the high cost of repairing electric cars.

Fuel Price

The low running cost is one of the main reasons for people to choose electric cars over conventional cars. Due to the high capacity batteries used in an electric vehicle, most of the existing models are expected to run an average of 250kms in a full charge. However, even though these cars are fuel-efficient, the time taken by these vehicles to get fully charged is very high. In addition to that, the number of electric vehicle charging stations is very low compared to normal fuel stations.

From the above analysis, it is clear that presently electric vehicles are not reliable for everyone. However, due to an increase in demand, many manufacturers have already entered this segment of automobiles. Therefore, it might reach a state to replace normal cars in the coming future.

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