What Electric Car Companies And Cars To Watch Out For In 2020

The race is on! Growing climatic adversities and the society accepting the inevitable change to cleaner energy, has backed petroleum and fossil fuel powered vehicles to a corner. The days of stopping by the local gas station and filling up your tank are going away. They are all going out the door! Many companies have started to take note of the change in wind, and are adjusting tactics not just to survive, but more so to win it all! The competition has just gotten stiffer. Know what to watch out in the coming years!

Electric Vehicles Industry

The first one off the block was undoubtedly Tesla, in the early 2005’s. Ever since the release of its tesla roadster  – the first mass produced highway- legal electric vehicle (EV) powered by lithium ion battery- many other automaker had their tails lit and have ventured out to make an impact. From general motors to Nissan, many auto manufacturers have stepped up their game and released their own EV models to compete.

The Top Guns


Tesla has very much dominated the EV landscape credits duly to the aspirational brand but we all know it is because of Mr Musk’s vision that has catapulted the American automobile maker to global limelight. Although the technical expertise’s of the company are up there, the real challenges lie in breaking uncharted barriers and brand trust. This has been accomplished by the other contenders on this list such as Nissan. Everybody knows Nissan, but Tesla is still finding its stride.


Tesla cars stand out from the other in terms of the electric car range it offers in its models. The Tesla model 3 has a range of 325 miles, while the latest model S boasts of 370 miles. The year of 2020, will mark the release of the model Y. Although revealed in March 2019, it is only expected to be out by September of 2020. It is a sister car of the previous Model 3, in the compact SUV segment. The new model Y will showcase an advanced version of its now very famous “semi-autonomous driving system” that Tesla cars are revered for.


The all new Tesla Roadster is also scheduled to release in 2020. For all the speed freaks who want to combine the aggression of a muscle car with the environmental care offered by an electric car, look no further!

 The new Tesla roadster is a performance variant claiming a top speed of 250 mph/ 400 kmph, and a 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds. The range will also be around 620 miles or 992 kilometres in one complete full charge, making it one of the best range electric cars!



Nissan made its break in the EV industry with the release of its flagship EV, the Nissan LEAF. After its initial release, many new variants have been redesigned and have undergone substantial improvements in their ranges. But they are yet to level up with Tesla’s EV in that regard. The original LEAF, had a range of 73 miles or 118 km. The new premium version of the LEAF 2020 has a range of 226 miles or 362 km!



One of the major releases that defined GM’s entry into the EV circuit was without doubt the Chevy Bolt. Now in the coming year, GM plans to release the Cadillac “Lyriq” probably in the month of April. The Cadillac Celistiq will be close on the heels.  Although GM has been shush about the specification of the model, the range of the EV’s is expected to proudly stand at 400 miles or 640 kilometres.

The Up And Coming


BMW i3 2020

BMW plans on releasing upto 12 all-electric vehicles by 2025. The new version of the i3 model is expected to be out early this year. It would have a range of 153 miles. This would pale in comparison to the other EVs being released this year. But, if you are somebody who would want to stare at the BMW logo on your steering wheel while you drive your ultra-compact EV, then surely go ahead.

The New Comer


This is an upcoming EV manufacturer based in China. Their first model called the M-Byte is expected to release in the wee months of 2020 in Asia, and expand to North American and European markets by mid-2020. Nothing more has been revealed about the model, so keep your eyes peeled.

All in all, the year of 2020 will be welcoming of the new wave of EVs. Some existing stalwarts in the segment will hold their ground, while some new comers will try to make fresh prints in the EV landscape. So be ready, because there are some really exciting electric vehicles to hit the market this year!

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