Waving Goodbye To Gas: Why You Should Buy An Electric Car

Electric Car
Electric Car
Electric Car
Electric Car

Electric cars are the new entries riding the wave of curbing climate change. If you are somebody who wants to make a contribution to helping the planet recover, at the same time get richer in the process, then switching to an electric car is the best thing you can possibly do.

You might have heard of electric cars after Tesla made an entry with the uber cool Tesla roadster and the other great line of electric cars. There has been a stereotype that is very much prevalent with electric cars. It is that having an electric is like one of the nerds owning a Prius-the “un-fun” car as many saw it.  But that changed when Tesla and many other amazing electric car companies made it onto the scene. Be BMW, Peugeot or VW; the numbers say that electric car sales will make up 30% of overall car sales by the year 2030.

We will be going through as to why you should hop on and why it will save you money in the process! Read on…

Why You Should Own An Electric

  • No More Spending A Fortune On Gas

The world has become increasingly dependent on fossil fuel run vehicles to get around.  If you made a tally of the amount of money you spend on gas, on a yearly basis, you will be shocked to see the amount you actually spend. If you are someone who stays within the city and doesn’t have to travel far, then owning an electric car is the best. Electricity is definitely cheaper than gas, and most cars nowadays will ride out 300 Km or 186 miles with a full charge. It really can’t get better than this!

  • The Perfect Choice For City Dweller

The world is slowly shifting to metropolitan areas and it is estimated that by the year 2050, as much as 80% of the world population will be inhabiting in cities. Electric cars are the best choice over gas ones, as you will no longer be tied down by long queues at the gas stations. If your office is only a few miles away, you will only have to charge your car at the beginning of the month and it will ride out the rest. No more need for you to spend and wait for Uber rides to come by, and no more sitting congested in carpools. You are left to explore the city without stopping for a refuel, all with the help of electric cars.

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