Tips for Increasing Your Electrical Car’s Range

Electrical cars have gained wide popularity over a few years because of the large number of benefits it provides. Many electric cars manufactured today can travel more than 200 miles, but still, this range remains a primary concern for electrical car owners. No one wants to be stuck at the side of the road because of a drained battery. Hence, we provide some tips for you to increase the range of your electrical car that might come handy for you at times.

Drive smoothly

Vigorous driving can drain your electrical car’s battery quickly. It might be tempting for you to accelerate your car for a quick launch but it is not good for your battery. Hence drive smoothly to enhance the energy efficiency of your car.

Maximize regenerative braking

Try to use the energy-recovering regenerative braking function of your electrical car whenever possible. Also, make sure to use the brakes only when necessary. You can enable the maximum regenerative setting of your car to send extra power back to the batteries while you decelerate your vehicle.

Slow down

It is better to keep the speed under 60mph as this will help you to bolster the range of your electrical car’s battery. When you reduce your vehicle’s speed by 10mph, you can save 14% of the energy. If there is an “eco mode” in your car, use it for accelerating more gently.

Avoid using AC

If you operate the air conditioner, it can drain your battery quickly. Therefore, if you want to increase the range of your battery, it is better to avoid the use of air conditioners on your electrical car which will rapidly consume its battery.

Go easy on the heat

Running the heater in your car at full blast will deplete your battery easily. So, it is advised to preheat your car when charging to avoid the draining of battery while driving.

Care for your tires

Improperly inflated tires can increase energy consumption. Therefore, make sure that your tires are in good condition frequently. Check the air pressure of your electrical car’s tires often and keep it properly inflated.

Travel light

Reduction in the weight of a vehicle can improve its efficiency. Avoid the excess cargo in your trunk to utilize your batteries to the maximum extent.

Avoid installing exterior accessories

Installing unnecessary exterior accessories like cargo carriers or roof racks can increase the energy consumption of your car. Hence, it is better to avoid them if you want to get the maximum range for your battery.

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