How to Have a Great Road Journey in an Electric Car

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Best Used Electric Cars
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It might appear to be not possible to take a road trip if your only transportation mode is a battery powered electric vehicle. However, with much planning and some flexibility, it is possible to have this trip than you first thought.

Fortunately, there are over 15,000 public charging stations right through the US, accounting for almost 45,000 individual outlets. Electric car range even exceeds 100 miles for each charge with some models, so it is no big hassle to get around from one city to another in this vehicle.

Use a Station Finding Application

Using a smartphone application that lets you map out charging stations will help you plan where to charge your EV’s battery en route. Having a clear idea of when you can halt to charge, and where, will enable planning fun activities in the charge hours. Plan a shopping outing or lunch at the other charge station places as you proceed.

Have an Alternative Plan

Have a different strategy in mind for an unforeseen event such as inclement weather to avoid hold-ups. Do you plan to stop at a particular city some 128 kilometers away. Ensure that you have more battery for a further 50-mile-long drive, because you can never be certain it will be a smooth trip all along.

Visit Cities

Your prime travel destinations should be cities in America. Almost every charging station is set up in areas with high traffic, so it is wise to plan on heading a relatively urban than picturesque route. There is nothing wrong with traveling in the countryside or rual area, but you can find more charging stations in towns.

Be Conscious of Driving Range

Always pay close attention to your EV range status; this is to say, never take a risk assuming that it will have enough battery left for your trip. An EV can handle your road trip, but it is not like a standard car. For instance, if your normal auto runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, somebody could just come to you and fill it up. When you plan your trip, do not forget to leave wiggle room amid charge-up locations to allow for a particular route to skip traffic or stop for food.

For Longer Journeys, Plan for Many Stops

You can have all sorts of road journeys in EVs. Perhaps you only wish to jump to your next city in the itinerary for what seems like a staycation. Or maybe you wish to travel half the nation’s distance. Either way, account for many stops when planning and you would be fine in travel. Those bigger distance hauls would take some more time if you include charging stops, but this only means you have more hours to take in new places.

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