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Best Electric Cars
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An electrical car is certain to be part of any conversion concerning environmentally-friendly automobiles. The topic raises plenty of questions, and while some are rhetorical, others come from a straightforward mind that seeks to know more than conveying ideas. Are electric cars relatively greener than conventional gas-powered autos or are alternatives for cars running on hydrogen? Why are these cars so pricey? Keep reading to find answers to these and more questions below.

Why did the commercial cars vanish for almost 100 years?

Electric cars predate those powered by gasoline. Thomas Davenport made the first-ever practical car featuring an electric motor. Why did cars that run on gas and consume a lot of fuel take over? The reasons for that were manufacturing costs and range. Gas-powered autos could go farther than the electric ones. Henry Ford’s effort in mass manufacturing caused the gas-powered autos cheaper to make. Gas-powered cars almost wiped out their electric counterparts for nearly a century.

Are these cars environmentally-friendly than hydrogen-fueled cars and gas-powered autos?

While this is a loaded question, the general answer is in the affirmative. Electric autos should be recharged and should draw this electricity from elsewhere. If this energy comes from a coal-fired power plant, then the automobile is involved in a pollution cycle although it does not release greenhouse gases. Nevertheless, controlling emissions on the plant is easier than on a large number of automobiles on the road. Besides, these vehicles can obtain energy from renewable resources like solar cells or hydro-electric facilities too.

Are They As Safe As Every Other Vehicle?

The federal safety standards that electric vehicles must conform to are the same as for other cars. You will not be carrying gallons of fuel that can combust anywhere you go.

How long does the battery of the car last?

This depends on the kind of battery that your electric car uses. The sort of batteries you find in vehicles powered by gas, namely lead-acid batteries may not last up to 12 months. Other kinds of batteries such as lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries can last a good 10 years at the least.

Why Are They So Expensive?

It is partly due to the fact that batteries are pricey – it can cost many thousand dollars to replace even one. It is also because the demand exceeds supply.

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